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Towel.Ernesto Garcia Peña

100% Cotton beach towel with a design of Ernesto Garcia Peña. Ernesto Garcia Peña. Painter, Drawer and Engraver. Graduated from the School for Instructors of Art in Havana, 1965. Graduated from Painting at National School of Art in 1976 and Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts, Printing specialty at Superior Art Institute in Havana (1987). Member of Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and International Association of Plastic Artists (AIAP). He is collaborator of diverse editorials of books and magazines and have attended many meetings of cultural exchange in Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Nicaragua, Panama, Czech Republic, Slovaquia, Hungary, Poland, Moscow, Leningrado, Ukraine, Volgogrado, Angola, France, Monaco and Japan. His artworks have wide presence in well-known overseas Galleries and Cultural Centers, embellishing also important institutions of the country, which proudly feature his stained glass and paintings on ceramics.

      Towel.Ernesto Garcia Peña

  Towel.Ernesto Garcia Peña
$8.95 USD

CD Cubatronix

Author: Varios / Various Artist: Edesio Alejandro Year: 2003 Label: Egrem Here it is the real music. In this CD by Edesio Alejandro, songs were treated by words to take dance to good memory. Edesio and Adriano have gathered themselves here, like the good rivers do, choosing the ladscapes of the soul. I´ve always been thinking these landscapes and music give what I call the desire of live. When listening to these songs, I´ve been captured by yearnings, the evocation to the eternal. It is tremendous music present at the corners of Havana where the Cubaness is born. It is heritage and feeling of those criatures forging its parties as liberation, tribute to freedom, satisfaction of the best feelings. Here´s the real music, let it win.Miguel Mejides. This record features as special guest Adriano Rodríguez. All titles are musicalized by Edesio Alejandro and Gerardo García.

      CD Cubatronix

  CD Cubatronix
$8.00 USD

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